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Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

You found the perfect gown! To preserve your memories and the dress of your dreams, have Glyndon Lord Baltimore’s experts in dress conservation clean and preserve it properly.

Expert analysis

As preservation specialists, we are trained in the art of textile conservation. Our work begins with a complete inspection and testing of your gown because just as every bride is unique, so is every gown. We analyze fabrics, dyes and weaves, and note embellishments and their composition. Our detailed notes determine which preservation technique and cleaning method is best for your dress so that the embellishments remain affixed and the dress retains its shape and color.

Special treatment by pre-spotting stains

This thorough evaluation leads us to design a treatment plan written specifically for your gown. Our testing techniques allow us to identify stains and spills–even those you can’t see. Makeup, champagne, wedding cake, and perspiration all affect fabric differently. We identify and treat stains individually before cleaning because if left untreated, sugar stains (caused by champagne) and chloride salts (perspiration) will oxidize over time and appear as brown spots months or even years later. This causes irreversible fabric deterioration. We can eliminate these stains without causing harm to any fibers.

Dry-cleaning methods available:

Hydro Carbon System – Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners offers the hydro carbon cleaning method as a natural option for dry cleaning your gown. Hyrdo Carbon is an environmentally friendly system that gets clothes really clean and leaves a fresh scent every time.

Perchloroethylene – (commonly called perc) This is the most common solvent used today. It is the best solvent for degreasing and may be the best choice if your dress is silk, rayon, or acetate.

Wet cleaning is simply cleaning with water combined with special additives and detergents. It is best for sugar spills, most food stains, and dirty hems. Wet cleaning removes fabric sizing. Removing sizing helps protect your gown because sizing is enticing to mice and insects.

Final inspection of your gown

Once your gown has been pre-spotted and cleaned, it is ready for the final inspection. Your gown is thoroughly inspected, repairs are made, then it is hand pressed. Your gown is carefully packed. After cleaning and preserving, the most important step is packing your gown properly so that you can store it for months, years, or decades. We fold your gown carefully to avoid damage caused by excessive creasing. We use the finest archival materials available to support and protect your gown. Our high-quality preservation boxes will resist water and mildew and protect your gown from light, insects, and changes in relative humidity.

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When complete, we will contact you.

Once your gown is returned to you, place it in a climate-controlled area. Do not store your dress in the attic or basement where temperatures and humidity levels fluctuate dramatically. Fluctuating temperatures increase the deterioration rate of textiles. We understand how special your wedding gown is to you. Our highly respected preservation techniques ensure that your wedding gown will always remain the dress of your dreams.

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